Number 1 reason to have your wedding photos put in an album or some kind of print

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Reason number 1 to have your wedding photos put into an album or some kind of print

There might be 10 reasons, 20 reasons, or 1,000 reasons, but this is the most important reason in my opinion.  Regardless of who your wedding photographers are, your memories are priceless.  You can never get a moment back.  You can only reflect on it.  Even if you recreate it… it's not the authentic moment.  The recreation is simply a "new" moment.  If you hire me as your wedding photographer, chances are good you will end up with an wedding album of some sort.  The reason I think this is so important is because YOU have full control over your photos.  

If your photos are on a CD, DVD, flash drive, etc., you have control over your files, but ultimately you are responsible for backing up those files and keeping up with new technology so you don't render your precious memories obsolete.  This can be a daunting task, but not impossible.  Still, I think more often than not, we as humans take these things for granted and treat them like a squeaky windshield wiper.  We don't think of them until it rains (or until we need to access or view those files).  The problem with this mentality is it leaves you vulnerable to the technology getting pulled out from under you.  Even still, this isn't too bad as usually major changes in technology won't completely wipe out your data in one big swoop.  Just like VCR tapes didn't immediately become obsolete, your media files won't either.  You just need to be proactive and keep up with the changes.  

However, if your engagement photos, wedding memories, baby photos and more are all stored on sites like Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, Twitter and more…. you may want to reconsider your long term options.  My mother passed away from breast cancer in 2008.  She wasn't really big on social media, but she DID have an active Myspace page at the time.  There were pictures, videos, favorite music selections, her page was decked out with her style… It was a cool memorial to her and a nice place to visit on those days when i was missing her.  

Recently, I discovered that Myspace completely redesigned their whole website.  I had already lost access to my Mom's music, but now her blog posts and comments were all gone.  

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This is how her page looks today.  That picture in the background is some stock photo and all of her old posts are gone.  Apparently, Myspace had wiped pictures and videos for a while too, but have since restored many of those due to user complaints.  I don't know how long I'll be able to enjoy those photos and videos on her page.  I don't have her log in info so I'll never be able to back them up.  If Myspace goes under or does another big overhaul, that could be it.  I can't expect Myspace to preserve those memories for me for free indefinitely.  They are a business and it's the way things go sometimes.  Bottom line is, don't put your precious memories in the hands of someone else.  Today, Facebook seems too big to go under, but if history is any indicator, the odds are, eventually Facebook will find themselves in the same place as Myspace.  Are your photos and memories protected?  Back up your files and make a wedding album for yourself.  You'll enjoy looking back at your memories so much more and actually have a nice heirloom to pass on someday.  

Happy St. Patty's day to you!

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