A Day in the Life Photo shoot

So what is a day in the life shoot?  Exactly what it sounds like.  These are not your typical "family portraits".  In fact, they're not "portraits" at all.  This shoot is exactly what it sounds like.  A day in the life of  YOUR family. 

Shane will arrive at your house the night before the shoot to briefly get acquainted with everybody and will sleep at your house in order to be there when the following day begins once your family begins to wake up. 

Shane will capture the entire day, being sure to capture the sweet, funny, real, crazy moments that happen in the life of your family. 

The entire day will be photographed in a photo journalistic style.  The shots are not posed, staged, encouraged, etc.  It's just real life. 


What this shoot IS:

* Shane following you around for an entire day, capturing the moments that happen with your family from sun up, till sun down. 

* Shane capturing you and your spouse (if applicable), you and your kids, your kids being good, your kids being naughty, your kids just being kids.


What it is NOT:

* It is NOT Shane setting up lights in your house, posing people, getting kids to do things, getting kids to STOP doing things.  Shane is simply capturing  your day as if he was a fly on the wall.  Whether you have a crazy household or a calm one, the photos will show that. 



1 Day (includes digital files from the day) - $995 (plus tax)

A day in the life album (includes 80 pages) - $1,500 (plus tax)