Custom Wedding Photography Collections

If you're unsure how much coverage you need, check out some of these wedding day timelines to give you an idea of what happens in a typical wedding day.  Wedding Day Timelines (CLICK) 



There is nothing like a wedding day.  Weddings bring out the best and sometimes the worst of us, but when the dust settles, it ultimately brings families together.  Weddings are about YOU - The couple,  BUT ALSO about YOUR FAMILIES and what it will mean to you AND them when your marriage will forever change the dynamics of your family trees forever.  Having your day photographed is incredibly important.  Often times, it ends up being the last time some family members ever get together.  Many times, the portrait taken of a grandmother or grandfather, is the last professional photo they have taken of themselves in this life.  The photos and wall art created on your wedding day will be a reminder of beautiful memories and happy times and can carry you through the storms when they occur.  I would love the privilege to work with you.  Thank you for visiting my site. 



The Bronze Wedding Collection

  • 7 hours on site the day of the wedding.
  • A Full Res flash drive with images from the wedding and permission to reprint.

Cost: $2,499 (plus tax)

The Silver Wedding Collection 

  • 10 hours on site the day of the wedding.
  • A Full Res flash drive with images from the wedding with permission to reprint.

Cost: $2999 (plus tax)

The Gold Wedding Collection

  • 10 hours on site the day of the wedding.
  • A Full Res flash drive with images from the wedding with permission to reprint.
  • A 8x12 sized wedding album from Italy with first 40 pages of images included. (includes upgraded cover option of your choice - Silk, Leather, Metal, Varnished Metal or Crystal Glance)

Cost: $3749 (plus tax)

The Platinum Wedding Collection

  • Engagement session and copyright permission for edited photos prior to your wedding.  (No monetary value if unused)
  • 12 hours on site the day of the wedding.
  • A Full Res flash drive with images from the wedding with permission to reprint.
  • A 9.5x13 sized wedding album from Italy with first 60 pages of images included (includes upgraded cover with silk, leather, metal, varnished metal or crystal glance),
  • (2) 8x12 parent albums (printed hard covers)

Cost: $5499 (plus tax)


Ala Carte Rates

Need additional hours of coverage? (Only available as add-ons to existing wedding package)

1 hour - $200 



(NOTE: Album displayed is a premium album with an upgraded cover and spine)


Premium Albums bound in Italy  - Primary album includes your choice of either Leather, Crystal Glance, Metal or Dust Jacket cover

       8x12 size                                        9.5x13 size (add $350)

(20 pages) - $950                                          $1300

(30 pages) - $1200                                        $1550

(40 pages) - $1450                                        $1700

(50 pages) - $1700                                        $2050

(60 pages) - $1950                                        $2200

Additional spreads (1 spread = 2 pages) - $150 (Discounted rate available if additional spreads are purchased in advance - ask for details)

Upgrade your 8x12 album from your wedding package to the 9.5x13 sized album for $350 plus tax (Note: This upgrade automatically includes one of the following upgraded cover options: Silk, Metal, Leather, Crystal Glance)

8x12 Parent Albums - Includes a dust jacket cover and thinner pages, album will be exact layout of your purchased album.  - 50% of the price of your primary albums ala carte rate listed above.

5x4 Mini albums (Great for wedding party or grandparents) - Same layout as primary album.  Includes dust jacket and thin pages.

4 Mini albums included with each order:

(20 page album) - $250 

(30 page album) - $275

(40 page album) - $300

(50 page album) - $375

(60 page album) - $400



(if upgrade is not already included in package)

Silk - $150

Leather - $200

Metal Paint (Solid color) Red, Black or Blue only with names engraved - $200

Cork - $200

Metal - $250

Crystal Glance, Cowhide, Wood - $275

Distressed Leather, Nappa Leather, Sequoia Leather - $350

Die Cut Distressed Leather, Die cut Nappa, Die Cut Sequoia - $375



(Only available with upgraded covers)

(Standard leatherette option included with all cover upgrades at no extra charge)

Leather - $75

Woven - $75

Cork - $75

Distressed Leather - $125

Nappa Leather - $125

Sequoia Leather - $125


(Standard photographic paper is included for all albums if no upgrade is selected)

Touch lamination - $175

Pearl Paper - $175

Metallic Paper - $175

Textured Paper - $100

High Res Images on flash drive for reprinting

Flash Drive with High Res Images - $1500

If $2,500 or more is spent on wedding package, this flash drive will be included at no additional charge.  

Replacement or additional flash drives - $75.00




(NOTE: These prices only available for Forever Session sign in books)

8x12 album with 20 pages. Includes 10 of your favorite images on textured paper - Includes a printed hard cover.  See cover upgrade options above to upgrade cover- $275  

Additional pages - $50 per 2 page spread (1 extra photo per spread)


LUXURY WALL ART - NEW ITEM!  (Made in Italy)

For more information about our new Luxury Wall Art Collections, please click HERE  Call (712) 223-1032 to visit about your needs and receive a quote for your home and space.






Image Retouching for Ala Carte

Light/Basic retouching - $10 per image

Heavy Retouching (Swapping heads due to blinking, heavy blemish removal, creative add-ons - photoshopped sun flare, etc.) - $30 per image





Shane Monahan is a Sioux City Photographer that specializes on weddings and senior portraits.  We live in Iowa, but will travel to any destination!  Also, ask us about our new Photo Booth rental now available.  Thanks!