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Tyler and Toya(non-registered)
I just want to start by saying that our day would never have been as successful with out Shane and Becca! They had everything planned out for us which was awesome because we are not detail oriented people. We had started out with a different photographer but ran into Shane at a bridal show and fell in love with his work. They are so friendly and easy to work with even a lot of my family members approached me after the wedding stating how nice and approachable Shane and Becca were. They far exceeded our expectations of them as far as photography and Becca was great at helping with whatever we needed her to do even if it had nothing to do with the photography part of the wedding. I will just say that it takes a special person to keep our group on time and moving forward and Becca did it with ease.
Shane is so creative and willing to trying whatever you want to throw at him. I have seen the man try to stand on things and climb places that I wouldn't dare to do just to get a perfect shot. You can tell he is doing what he is passionate about just by watching him work.
Not only are they very professional people they are a lot of fun they make being photographed fun. The whole experience with them was a pleasure and I would choose them again if I had to make the decision over again. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asked.
Matthew and Brianna(non-registered)
We are not sure where to start, every facet of the services received exceeded our hopes and expectations! Shane Monahan Photography is the best in the business as far as we are concerned.

For starters, they are truly wonderful people who go above and beyond to get to know their customers on a personal level to improve the experience as a whole. They made us feel like we were old friends, which made it easier to relax and take pictures that didn't seem staged. My husband typically doesn't enjoy having his picture taken, but Shane worked with him and approached the matter in a way that made him feel at ease.

Shane and Becca make an excellent team, building on each others strengths. Shane is very creative and can find unique settings in almost any location. He used a puddle to capture our reflection and made it look like we were at some peaceful lake or pond, when in fact, we were standing in an alley across the street from the church. He got right down, and laid on the ground in front of it to make the shot work. The man is dedicated to his craft!

Becca is equally talented; we made a tentative schedule beforehand and she made sure that everything went smoothly as planned. It was very comforting to have her there to make sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time, with a smile, for formal pictures before the ceremony.

Shane rode with us on the bus between the ceremony and reception to get some celebration shots, while Becca went ahead to the reception to take pictures of all the decorations before the crowd got there. They truly make a wonderful team.

Then on top of all of that....we got our pictures back in record time! They were going out of town and didn't want us to have to wait so they double timed it to get us our pictures on Wednesday after the wedding! Yes, we got them on the 4th day!!! We still had fresh flowers in the house from the wedding and had our pictures back.

Thank you, Shane and Becca for the absolutely wonderful service! We are thankful that we made the right choice and picked Shane Monahan Photography!
Kevin and Becky L.(non-registered)
Do I start with how professional both Shane and Becca are, or do I start with the amazing photos we received from them, or the overall experience they provided for both me and my wife along with our entire wedding party. Shane and Becca truly are the best there is in the area and will do anything, anything!, to make your day perfect. They gave us updates on how weather would be, where best shots would be taken, and really helped to relieve some planning stress from both my wife and I (I'm looking at you Becca! ). Your wedding day is one of, if not THE biggest day of your life, and we are glad we trusted this day to Shane and Becca as they captured every moment we wanted with flawless quality. My recommendation is that you scratch every other photographers name off your list and give these two a call as soon as you can. Shane and Becca, you did a wonderful job and we appreciated all of your kindness. Best of luck to the both of you and we hope we run into you again soon!
Jean Snowden(non-registered)
Oops! Becca not Becky.
Jean Snowden and Jim Anderl(non-registered)
Shane and Becky photographed our mother's 100th birthday celebration at Sunrise Manor in Sioux City. They provided the best service imaginable: fitting in beautifully with the people attending and then delivering ( the very next day!) our CD of 350 incredible photos. Shane and Becky were entrusted with recording an important event for our family, and they far exceeded that request - they gave us a treasure! We are so very grateful.
Nicole & Nathan(non-registered)
Where do we even begin?
A. My husband Nathan absolutely hates getting his picture taken and freezes up in front of the camera. Prior to our engagement shots I would say we had a handful of decent pictures together. Shane had built a personal relationship with us that seemed to ease Nathan and we didn't have that awkward smile issue- Nathan was able to be himself and the pics turned out great! We still find it hard which photos are our favorite. Shane brought out the genuine feelings that we have for eachother and captured them. We had alot of fun with Shane doing the engagement shoot.
B. I'm incredibly "thrifty" and like to save money when I can but will splurge where I see fit. Nathan's family uses a certain photographer in town for their portraits and had recommended him but after looking into it, this other photographer was outragiously priced! Shane and Becca spent the whole day with us, we had a photo booth at our reception, the copyrights to our photos, prints, photo album and still was cheaper than 8 hours with the "other" photographer. AND Worth every cent! Not to mention our engagement pictures were included since we booked him for the wedding.- On this note, that was awesome to have already gotten to know them. Trust me, at your wedding you don't want someone you never met telling you to do cheesy Pintrest poses when you're emotional as you will be on your wedding day.

C. We are farmers, it has alot to do with Nathan's proposal and our lives, therefore we wanted our engagement pictures on the farm. Shane didn't charge extra for the drive to Salix, didn't complain, had no issues- Shane made it work with our schedules and had the pictures done in a extremely timely manner. Also he didn't rush us during the shoot and always had amazing ideas with what we had to work with. The next day we even had a few photos posted to our Facebook.

D. Photo quality- I don't want he uses, he carries around a million lbs of equipment with him at all times but the photos come out AMAZING and unlike other photographers.

E. Professionalism- Shane & Becca know the right kind of behavior- they are very professional but still talk to you like your an old friend of theirs. We interviewed them prior to hiring them and we chatted for over an hour, most of it casual conversation. They came on time for the wedding, ready for work. They respond to email/texts/questions quickly. At our wedding we hired them for 8 hours but they stayed longer. They didn't run behind schedule and the day of the wedding we had an incredibly relaxing time after the ceremony to take shots at the riverfront, Just Nathan and I. He also hand delivered the photos or our engagement shoot and wedding day to us at our home

F. ...I could go on and on about the work that Shane and Becca had done. I don't remember who I talked to at the wedding, I don't remember what songs we danced to, the day goes by entirely too fast to remember it all. All that I have left from that day is my husband and my wedding pictures.
Stephanie and Jason(non-registered)
Shane and Becca are not only amazing photographers, but people also. I am so happy we chose to go with them for our wedding! They work with you so much on anything you want! They really make your day even more amazing! They work towards getting you the best pictures possible! I have knowen these wonderful people for a year and I hope to continue to keep a friendship with them! I would and will recommend them to anyone who crosses my path of needing photographers!
Erin and Keith Chapman(non-registered)
I don't even know where to start - Shane and Becca are awesome. I can't even begin to describe how happy we are with choosing them as our photographers. Not only did the pictures turn out amazing, but they truly made my entire day memorable. They captured every single moment throughout the day. On your wedding day, everything moves so fast that it is hard to see everything as it is happening and hard to remember every little moment. However, I don't feel like I missed a thing because Shane and Becca captured everything!!! We scheduled them on very short notice and they were so accommodating. They are both dedicated to getting the very best shots possible and also getting every shot that the bridal party asks for! They were so fun to work with! My family and bridal party loved every minute of working with Shane and Becca - even through the not always so fun formal group pictures. They made the whole experience fun!! The creativity and attention to detail from both photographers is amazing and made for awesome photos.

On a personal note, you will not find a better couple! Shane and Becca truly love what they do and they are both awesome people! They are great at making everyone comfortable and have a knack for capturing the personalities of both the bride and groom in every photo.When Shane and Becca photograph your wedding, it doesnt feel like hired photographers, but more like great friends who are wedding guests and happen to take excellent photographs!

They genuinely care about the couples they work with and give 110% to every wedding they photograph. They are completely dedicated to capturing the biggest, most memorable moments of your life in a truly beautiful way! From now on, whenever I hear of people getting engaged, the first thing I would recommend they do, is book the Monahans!!
Donna B.(non-registered)
Shane and Becca are an absolute delight to work with. Their talent lies in their ability to not only capture the beautiful, but the rare, intimate moments that would have passed by in a blink had it not been for an innate creative and BRILLIANT instinct. They are helpful, friendly, kind and dedicated to their craft. Shane is also absolutely awesome about getting the final results back quickly and courteously. Seriously, they have been essential in capturing our biggest life celebrations (engagement and wedding) and we will always work with them in the future.
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