Corporate Branding Photography

Looking for new photos showcasing your business and what you're about?  You've come to the right place!

These are the rates you will need when you are looking to hire me to photograph for a number of hours and want a blend of different styles of photography.  That may include posed shots with professional lighting of people that look like customers, people that you are marketing to, product photography, candids, building photography, etc.  (Does NOT include corporate headshots - please see those rates for that type of photo shoot: Corporate Headshots )

Minimum Rate (2 -3 hours): $350 per hour - $700 - $1,050

Half Day Rate (4 -7 hours) $300 per hour - $1,200 - $2,100

Full Day Rate (8-10 hours) $250 per hour - $2,000 - $2,500


These rates are based off needs for clients that require multiple types of photography.  i.e. Professional lighting setups, HDR shots of buildings or interiors, product photography and people photography.  If you only need one type of photography (only building photos or ONLY product photos, etc.), then please contact Shane for a separate quote as those rates would be different based off different needs.  



All final photos will be color corrected and have any necessary retouching done to bring these photos up to professional standards expected in corporate marketing.  

Hourly rate is consecutive hours and can not be split up into multiple days, however if you have hired me for the Full Day Rate, those hours CAN be split into segments.  For example, we could shoot for 2 hours in the morning and 6 hours later in the day or evening.  Whatever is necessary.  Half Day or less would need to be consecutive hours.

Mileage may be extra if multiple locations are involved and out of town travel is needed.  If that is required, mileage is calculated at 55 cents per mile.  If unsure, please inquire with Shane to determine if any mileage charges will be added.