Architectural Photography Day/Hourly Rates


I want to help make budgeting your photo shoot and marketing straightforward, so I include unlimited use of your photographs with every commercial architectural shoot. As for the shoot, I have two simple prices for photography: $1500 per day or $250 per hour.

Daily Rate: $1500/day

My base rate for photography is $1500 per day. What counts? I don’t count driving to the first site, but any travel thereafter counts into the rate. I count a day as an 8-hour package. I know that sometimes you may have to break up a shoot–maybe 2 hours in the day and 6 hours at night.  That’s fine. We’ll just add it up to 8. After 8 hours, we’ll continue at the hourly rate. We’d be happy to provide an estimate and tour the property (when appropriate) free of charge.


Hourly Rate: $250/hour

I start my photography pricing at $250 per hour. As with my daily rate, I don’t count driving to the first site. (Travel thereafter counts as time spent shooting.) If the shoot adds up to 6, 7, or 8 hours in a single day, we’ll automatically drop the rate to the daily rate. Any consecutive work performed in a single day will be billed at $1500. Once the eighth hour of work in a single day has begun, an additional $250 will be billed and $250 will be billed upon the commencement of each hour thereafter.