Sioux City Camera Club - 2014

The camera club is the 2nd and last Thursday of every month from September through May.  The meetings are held at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Sioux City on the corner of 6th and Nebraska street.  Start time is 7:00 PM and runs until approximately 9:00 PM.  Enter through the back door and follow the hallway to the left all the way to the back.

You must be a member to submit prints for competition.  Membership dues are $25 per year for individual memberships and $35 for family.  Student membership is $20 and Social membership is $20.  Download application here: Membership application.

Competition/Submission guidelines

1. Prints/digital images are submitted at the first meeting each month (or need to be on Steve Paulson's doorstep by 5 PM that following Saturday - 2420 Jackson Street)

2. Each member can submit 3 color images, 3 black and white images and 1 Photojournalism image (PJ) each month.  The color and black/white images can be up to 16x20 in size and can be mounted on something like chip board or foam board, etc.  The PJ image can be an 8x10 or 8x12 image, but must not be mounted and should also have an appropriate title to the image similar to something you might read in the paper.

3. Digital images for Sioux City Camera Club competition should be submitted to: [email protected] (for color submissions) and [email protected] (black and white submissions)

  • Same guidelines as print allowed.  3 color and 3 black/white per member.  
  • Image should be resized so the longest edge is 1024 px in length
  • Image should not exceed 500K in size.
  • Image should be renamed as such: 01,SE080,DP,TitleofImage.jpg  (01=Group ID, SE080 = MY membership number (use SE plus your own number when submitting), DP = category for the photo (see below), and then end with the name of your image) Don't forget the commas! (Doesn't need to be in bold)
  • Categories include: DN (Digital nature); DP (Digital Pictorial); DJ (Digital Photojournalism); DC (Digital Creative/Contemporary)

4. Digital images submitted for N4C competition should be sent to Steve Paulson at: [email protected] (When naming files for N4C competition, leave out the "01" portion of the title as Steve will add the sequence designation when submitted to N4C.  

5. During the first meeting each month, photographers also do a "View and Review" session where they show a print they created pertaining to that months topic and share with the group the techniques they used to get it.  This should not be mounted and maximum size is: 8 1/2 x 11.  View and Review topics for this year are:

  • September - Latham Park
  • October - Faces
  • November - Reflections
  • December - Geometry
  • January - Benches
  • February - Dirt Roads
  • March - Sky
  • April - Moon light

2014 Leadership

President - Doug Conrad - [email protected]

Vice President - Kevin Smith

Secretary/Treasurer - Tom Schoening

N4C Contact - Carl Hardy - [email protected]

Newsletter editor - Carl Hardy - [email protected]