Other Photographers!

Unfortunately, I am unable to shoot all of the weddings or photo requests I receive.  I hate leaving people empty handed though.  If I can't help you, here are some photographers that I have met and would recommend. 

NOTE: If you DO happen to use any of these photographers, I would greatly appreciate it if you could let them know I referred you.  I don't get a kickback or anything besides good will, but I always hope they might return the favor if the shoe is on the other foot someday.  Thank you so much! - Shane


Sioux City area or nearby

Krista Flynn -$$ -  Impressions Photography - Website, Facebook Page  Phone Number: (239) 437-1838  - I had the pleasure of meeting Krista and some of her associates at the Bridal Spectacular in January 2013.  She has become a good friend of ours and I think she does a very good job with her photography.  Very professional, her work is excellent, she uses the same Italian album company that I do, she has been doing this for over 10 years, she travels and is experienced doing destination weddings, etc.   Krista and I draw our inspiration from similar sources and offer similar products.  If you really liked my style and what I offered, she is probably the closest in comparison to what you would have received from me.  I'd highly recommend her.  

KJ Wingert - $$$ - Photography by KJ - Website, Facebook Page Phone Number: (712) 276-4640 - KJ has been doing photography for around 10 years or so I believe.  She is a very good, very experienced photographer and a really nice person.  She's a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) as well as a Certified Professional Photographer - which means she has perfected her skills and become certified by peers at the highest level.   All in all, KJ is a very talented photographer and I'm happy to be networking with her.  I would highly recommend her.  

Dan Brouillette - $$$ -  Website, Facebook Page Phone Number: (712) 490-3415 - Dan is just an amazing photographer.  I don't know him well, but we have met and his work is top shelf.  He's definitely one of the most talented photographers I know.  He works out of Omaha and New York, but I believe he considers Sioux City his home territory so if he's available, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to hire him for local jobs. 

Sarah Gill - $$ - Facebook Page  Phone Number: (712) 635-7084.  Sarah lives in Jackson, Nebraska.  I don't know Sarah as well as some of the others, but she does a great  job with her photography from everything I have seen.  Every interaction I have had with her has been positive and her clients seem to like her.  She takes on a limited number of weddings per year as I believe she is focusing more on lifestyle photography, maternity, seniors, etc.  Might be worth asking though if you really want to book her.  

Courtney Schweitzer - $$ - Rustic Edge Photography - Facebook Page  Phone Number: (712) 539-0072. Courtney is based out of Remsen and she does NOT shoot weddings.  However, she does shoot babies, families (I think), maternity and senior portraits.  She does an awesome job and is somebody I would highly recommend.

Outside of Sioux City

Lynne Peters - $$ - Chicago, IL - WebsiteFacebook - A very talented photographer.  Met her at a beauty pageant we were both volunteering at.  Great woman, great personality and beautiful photos.  She has literally worked with the stars.  I won't elaborate as she is very private about who she shoots to respect their privacy, but her clientele includes many A list celebrities.  Highly recommend her.  

Kacey Luvi - $$$ - Arizona - Website - Facebook - Kacey is awesome!  She is originally from the Siouxland area, but now lives in Arizona.  She usually comes back once a year in the summer to do photo sessions here since the weather in Arizona is so hot, business slows down dramatically in that area.  She does an amazing job in all of her shoots.  She was one of the first photographers to inspire me and was even kind enough to let me shadow her for a day when I was just getting started.  She also does makeup and all the other good things necessary to make you look your best.  If we're not available, she's definitely worth contacting to see if she'll be in the area when you need a photographer.  




If price is not an issue, but you want the best of the best


Jerry Ghionis - $$$$$ - Los Angeles, CA and Melbourne, Australia, - Website - Facebook - This is my mentor in the business.  If you like my style, this is the man who inspires me.  His work is incredible and he is the most awarded photographer in the wedding photography industry.  Hiring him is an investment, but if you value your wedding photos and money is not an issue, this is who I would hire.  He and his wife Melissa are two of the best human beings you will ever meet.  I can't say enough kind words about these two.  

Roberto Valenzuela - $$$$ - Los Angeles, CA - Website - Facebook - Another mentor in the business for me.  I have never trained under him directly (like I have with Jerry), but I have been influenced by his work and many of his teachings (he has multiple books and training materials available).  Great photographer.  He is also a good friend and former student of  Jerry Ghionis. 



****Shane Monahan Photography is not responsible for the quality of work or any resulting problems/issues should any arise from these photographers or print labs.  These are recommendations as a courtesy to assist you in finding another photographer or lab.  Please research each of these individuals or companies to make sure the quality of their work and their personalities are what you are looking for and that they are a good fit for you.  The photographers are all individuals that I know and like and believe they would do a good job.  Thank you for your interest in Shane Monahan Photography.  I'm sorry I was unable to photograph your event.  I hope these recommendations are helpful.  Take care!