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Romantic Proposals or Proposal Ideas

March 05, 2014  •  1 Comment

Win a FREE, no obligation, engagement photo shoot ($300 value) by submitting the most romantic proposal story!

These two are having a destination wedding on a tropical beach in like a week or so!  I was blessed to be asked to photograph the proposal, the engagement photos and the Sioux City reception! Sadly, many of the tropical beach hotels gouge guests with extra fees if you try to bring in your own photographer.  I won't be on the beach for this wedding, but we'll be there for every other part of it!  Congrats again to these two!

Jeremy's proposal to AnnMarie!Jeremy had me pretend to be someone interviewing them about drinking responsibly on New Years Eve and such. I told AnnMarie that I thought they were shooting fireworks off in the distance behind her. She turned around to look and when she turned back around, this is what she saw. :)





Jeremy and AnnMarie's engagement shoot!One of the fun photos we captured during their engagement shoot! Speaking of proposals… now that Valentine's Day has come and gone and we're not too far removed from the New Years Eve proposals and such, I'd really love to hear how some of YOU were proposed to.  OR, maybe you just have some really romantic ideas you would like to share.  

I don't care if your story is from 15 years ago or 15 days ago, I would just like to hear how you proposed or were proposed to.  There are so many romantic ideas and ways to pop the question.  Google is amazing for those who just can't come up with ideas on their own.  My proposal story is a sad one.  Haha…. It was well intentioned, but it turned into one of those, "So… wanna get married?"… type of proposals.  I'll admit, I've never been very smooth and back in 99 when I proposed, I didn't realize that some day I would be a wedding photographer and be this involved with the wedding industry.  Now, whenever we meet with new couples, one of the first questions we ask a couple is how they met and how he or she proposed.  My weak proposal from 15 years ago is constantly put to shame by all of the romantic couples we meet.  Some things you just can't live down!  Ha ha!  

So, let's hear YOUR stories!  If I get at least 20 submissions (from different couples), I will put the stories to a vote on my Facebook Business page.  The couple who receives the most votes for "Most Romantic Proposal" will win a free photo shoot.  


About the photo shoot, RULES, etc.: The photo shoot will be like my basic engagement shoot.  If you've already been married, already have engagement photos, etc., that's totally fine.  If you have a child or two now and want to include them in some photos, that is ok as well.  The photo shoot can only be used for you and your significant other or the two of you and your immediate family.  This a $300 value, but can not redeemed for cash.  If you hire me to shoot your upcoming wedding, I typically include a free engagement session as part of the wedding package.  If you would like another shoot at the time, you will be entitled to that, but no refund can be offered as a result of receiving this free photo shoot.  If you win the free photo shoot and require me to go to your location outside of Sioux City, travel fees may apply (55 cents per mile to and from location if more than 20 miles away).  You can gift the free engagement shoot to another couple if you like.  Photo shoot must be completed within one year of the date it is awarded or it will expire.  Stories can be submitted between March 5 thru midnight on March 15, 2014.  If more than 20 stories have been submitted, this blog post will again be shared on my Facebook business page and will be open for voting.  The couple who receives the most votes for "Most Romantic Proposal" within the yet to be determined timeframe, will win the free engagement photo shoot.  There MUST be at least 20 stories from 20 different couples before the contest becomes valid.  Contestants must also "Like" my Facebook business page as well to qualify.  Final product will include high res photos on a disc with copyright permission to make prints at the lab of your choosing.  Any additional products would be extra.  Taxes will apply for any products purchased beyond the free photo shoot.  Shane Monahan Photography reserves the right to cancel or alter this contest without prior notice or warning.  

Ok, so that's all the "official rules" stuff.  Now, you know you want to share your story!  I know I can't wait to hear them!  Ready, Set, …GO!

Shane and Becca Monahan are Sioux City wedding photographers, but we will travel to any destination.  Contact Shane today to see if your date is available!  Contact Form Thanks for visiting my site!!


Chris & Stephanie(non-registered)
My husband ( then boyfriend ) and I were flying to Seattle to record an album with a friend.

We arrived in Seattle in the evening and decided to go get something to eat. He insisted that we get something to eat at the top of the Space Needle. I thought, whats all the fuss.. How about just getting something quick or cheap?? I was exhausted and was ready for bed. He persisted that we go up to the top of the needle and eat. I finally agreed.

We got to the top ( by the way.. if any of you have never been, I totally insist you go... especially if it is night time ) and it was totally beautiful. We ordered our meal and it was delicious. I needed to use the restroom ( the needle spins and it can be a little hard to take if you suffer from motion sickness ) so I left and when I got back to the table, there was dessert. It was dried ice cream..The ice cream dessert sat on a plate that was elevated and the dry ice was below that. The dry ice covered the table in a fog. We ate our dessert ( fog still rolling ) and by the time we were finished, the fog had begun to dissipate and there was my beautiful diamond ring, it was sitting next to our dessert the whole time. It was quite magical. I was shocked but knew I was about to marry the most romantic man in the world.

That was in 2004. We will be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary in August. 12 year anniversary in September. I still love him, even more than the day he proposed.
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